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Yuanxiao, "mystery"! Celebrate reunion on the 15th day of the first lunar month, and celebrate the festival together!

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A strike spring like the sea, thousands of doors such as lights!

For two consecutive nights, the company held the "闹 Yuanxiao · guess lantern riddles" has been lively!

Since February 25, the company has preheated activities for employees to celebrate the Lantern Festival in advance. The celebration activities of "Making Yuanxiao · Guessing lanterns" will be put on the agenda one day in advance. These two days, the company's canteen every 18:30, always thriving, bustling mystery! As long as employees enter the activity site, they can truly feel the riddles prepared by the company. Every day, there are 500 riddles affixed by manual hands, showing the sincere intentions of the organizers of the activity, waiting for participants to solve the riddle.

In the activity, the scene full of red lantern riddles was crowded with people, and everyone's enthusiasm for participating in the activity was quite high. They crowded around each other, discussed, started their brains, and worked hard to solve the riddle and win prizes. Participants are expected to solve 1,000 of 500 lantern riddles each day during the two-day festival. The activity can attract 400-500 people every day to participate, each person is limited to two riddles, according to the lantern riddle number to the designated area to solve the riddles, the correct answer will get a gift, the activity gift is a common daily necessities, affordable and thoughtful!

On the 26th day of the Lantern Festival, the company canteen also carefully prepared handmade dumplings filled with bean paste for the staff to taste, so that the staff enjoy themselves, sweet into the bottom of their hearts!

This is a stage to challenge imagination and intelligence, and also a group entertainment activity to win prizes easily. This is the Lantern Festival feast belonging to our Shengtai Home. Even after solving their own riddles, some employees did not rush to leave, and continued to help their colleagues solve the riddles together, showing the team spirit of interaction and friendship. The deepening of communication and cooperation in the activities reflects the corporate culture features of sharing, creation and tolerance enjoyed by Shengtai.

The whole lantern Riddles guessing activity not only made our staff happy, active thinking, but also let everyone enjoy a wonderful Lantern Festival in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. Employees celebrate reunion together, joy together, this Spring Festival we have a full of flavor!

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