Talent Plan

The project manager

  • Working place:

  • Jiangxi

  • The job description:

    • 1. Responsible for the customer experience of the project, and organize internal resources to meet the project requirements of external customers

      2. Responsible for the whole process management of the project, including project selection, project review, small batch delivery of samples
      and other links according to the process

      3. Responsible for information collection, scheme integration, product pre-research and customer promotion of new products and applications

      4. Participated in commercial work such as pricing, bidding and bidding of customer projects

      5. Assist sales to maintain customer relationship and tackle key projects

      6. Solved and promoted various anomalies during the project, and led the solving of problems

  • Job requirements:

    • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in engineering

      2. At least 5 years PM working experience, including at least 3 years PM team experience

      3. Good at cross-department resource coordination and problem promotion

      4. Have mature systematic knowledge of project management and factory management and be good at process improvement

      5. Understand product planning and definition, and have the ability to promote products independently

      Mobile phone or mobile phone accessories company experience is preferred

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